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Production process of stud cleaning

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Production process of stud cleaning

Double-thread bolts clean production process is not only a responsibility to repay the community, but also requires the creation of greater value at all levels.They can realize their own development while taking into account their commitment to the society.So, advocate clean production of high strength double head bolt, flange edge nut, hot dip galvanized double head bolt, u-shaped double head bolt and so on.Cleaner production is the most direct and effective way to reduce pollutants, and an important measure to achieve the energy conservation and emission reduction targets of the 11th five-year plan.It is considered that the use of super stud with high strength greatly facilitates the installation and maintenance.We try our best to reduce the waste caused by the production of large studs and nuts.In the case of damage or loss of double-head bolts, it is strictly forbidden to use ordinary grade double-head bolts instead of high-strength pre-tightening double-head bolts to ensure the safe use of high-strength double-head bolts. We strive to achieve customer satisfaction.One, what is double head bolt: double head bolt calls double head stud commonly, double head stud is a kind of two ends have thread and the stud that is smooth rod in the middle.1, in the main body of large equipment, need to install the accessories, such as sight glasses, mechanical seal, deceleration machine frame, etc., this is just use the stud, one end of the screw in the main body, the other end with nut after installed accessories, because the attachment is often removed, thread will wear or damage, use the stud replacement will be very convenient.2, for the connection body thickness is very large, the length of the bolt is very long, will use the double-headed bolt!3, for connecting thick plate and the use of hexagon bolt connection places, such as concrete roof truss, roof beam suspension monorail beam hanging pendant.Screw: spiral groove with equal spacing and section shape machined on the outer surface of cylinder or cone, on the inner surface of cylinder or cone hole.Screws: the outer surface is processed with threaded rod or conical rod, and the top is provided with groove for screwdriver or square head for hand clamping.Bolt: refers to the larger diameter of the screw, or no head, such as double-headed bolt.Nut: a square cylinder or cylinder, such as hexagon nut and round nut, with a threaded ring on the inner surface matched with a double-headed bolt or screw.



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