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You are here: Home » News » A price a goods, the quality of the product always represents its value

A price a goods, the quality of the product always represents its value

Views:9     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-11-18      Origin:Site

        Our company's fastener products have always been adhering to the quality is the most important, never for the sake of price competition to do inferior quality products, although this will lose some customers, they only low price, any lower than the price of raw materials, you think it will be a good product?

         Raw material prices are now transparent and relatively stable.The law of value is like this: good quality must be high price, low price must be inferior product.In China, we have a vast territory and abundant resources. In some places, the crude products and poor after-sales service seem to be much cheaper. Once problems occur, buyers may lose out.Moreover, in some parts of our northern China to make the product quality is not uniform, uneven quality of personnel.It seriously interferes with the market and customers' judgment on the value of the product.

         In recent years, some small fasteners in mainland China began to engage in foreign trade sales, service personnel lack experience, can not solve a variety of customer problems, these are foreign customers in China procurement should pay attention to some problems, must be considered.Our company has been engaged in the export business of fasteners for more than 10 years. We are very experienced and have our own large-scale factory. Every batch of products has passed strict inspection before export.We have our own lab, we do all kinds of tests, stress tests, salt spray tests, tension tests, and so on.The quality of the fasteners we export is guaranteed.




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